Im looking to sellout my breeding danes these danes are purebred all redg but 1 who is heldback from my ownbreeding program ,selling due to health reasons 10 years of breeding with some of the BEST danes around ! NO HEALTH issues in 10 yrs healthy lines .Im hoping 1 SERIOUS breeder will take them all
Male fawn excellent stud cropped personality + temperment excellent
1/2 euro male harl off my own breeding program mom from germany dad from U/S
brindle female just ready to breed on next heat gorgeous girl uncropped
female blue cropped gorgeous girl ready to breed next heat
female merl gorgeous 1/2 euro uncropped never bred
female merl mantle for sale for friends ready to breed fall heat uncropped blue eyes gorgeous girl 800.00 firm
I have waiting list + deposits in onupcomming litters i will pass on with adult danes hoping to sell together in 1 program ! .00 firm
Would consider trade on smaller breed that i can handle with health issue (yorkies,pomeranians,frenchies,bostons.) But NO mutts im not into designer x breeds my danes are PUREBRED i do not xbreed ! SERIOUS inquiries only plz have waiting list right now for harls fawns blacks id ask u honor the ppl waiting and i will pass on deposits ! I have had nothing but success in my breeding program + pride myself in having made 100,s of healthy happy puppies that brought me tons of repeat buyers + new families sent to me by previous buyers !